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The only completely Australian owned and operated solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing company.


Australian Made

Tindo Solar 
Presence in AustraliaYes
Country of manufactureAustralia
Product warranty10 years
Performance warranty25 years
Anti-PID as standardYes
Junction Box IP (the higher the better)IP65

Supplier Snapshot: Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar was founded in 2011 and remains the only completely Australian owned and operated solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing company.

Tindo Solar design and manufacture their technologically advanced solar panels in Australia, sourcing only the most quality components from overseas suppliers such as backing sheets from DuPont and solar cells from GEM Energy’s favorite provider Q CELLS.

Tindo Solar’s production plant is fully automated, reflecting the company’s focus on increasing manufacturing output while creating employment for Australians in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Tindo Solar Panels

Main features of Tindo Solar Panels:

  • Great module efficiency of up to 15.60 %. This means that the panels on your roof collect more power per square meter and you require less roof space.
  • PID (Potential Induced Degradation) -resistant which means that the panel is guaranteed to withstand the effects of corrosion and other elemental impacts throughout its lifetime.
  • Online monitoring of your solar system.
  • Each panel comes pre-installed with an Enphase AC micro inverter. Micro inverters maximize and manage the electricity output of each panel independently, giving you more power per panel. AC micro inverters also open up more roof space for solar PV as they allow the installation of different combinations of panels and arrays, such as on an odd-shaped roof which would be impossible to utilize with traditional DC string module designs.
Tindo Solar

GEM Energy’s Evaluation

Going with Tindo Solar panels is a great way to support the Australian manufacturing sector. It is a quality panel put together with the cream of solar module components and GEM Energy fully supports the distribution of this well-designed Australian product.

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We were more than happy with the service from GEM Energy and the after sales service was amazing.
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I am extremely pleased with our investment and would not hesitate to recommend having a chat with GEM Energy if you are considering Solar.
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I would recommend GEM Energy to any one who wants quality solar panels and inverters, and most importantly after sales help and questions.
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