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SolarWorld Real Vlue

Extensive experience with residential, commercial and utlity-scale PV projects in Australia and around the world.

Presence in AustraliaNo
Country of manufactureGermany, USA
Product warranty10 years
Performance warranty25 or 30 years
Temperature co-efficient (the lower the better)-0.0041
Anti-PID as standardNo
Junction Box IP (the higher the better)IP65
Tier Ranking1

Supplier Snapshot: Solarworld

The German company SolarWorld began exploring renewable energy projects back in 1988. Today, the SolarWorld Group is one of the largest manufacturers of solar energy products in the world, having sold over 1 GW of modules and kits in 2015 and distributing their products across all continents.

The company’s commitment to producing cutting edge technologies are reflected in significant investments in its Research & Development (R&D) facilities and products that are consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and efficiency. SolarWorld is a fully vertically integrated company, meaning that its three factories in Germany and the United States produce all required components for its product range.

The production processes are fully automated, resource- and energy efficient, thereby reducing human error and achieving consistently high-quality products, which is one part of achieving Tier 1 status.

SolarWorld has supplied their photovoltaic (PV) modules to large-scale commercial and utility projects, such as the solar PV system on the roof of China’s second largest airport in Hong Kong.

In 2008 SolarWorld received the German Sustainability Award for most sustainable production and the company is a member of PV Cycle, which ensures that its products are recycled at the end of their lifetime.

Product Snapshot

Main features of SolarWorld Solar Panels:

  • All SolarWorld panels reach a positive power tolerance of -0/+5%. This means that each 260 watt panel will be at least 260 watt; many cheaper panels have a negative tolerance so that you can end up getting less than what you paid for.
  • SolarWorld’s dual glass range offers a linear performance warranty of 30 years. This means that your solar panels will still produce 86.85% of their original power after three decades on your roof.
  • Low temperature co-efficient (-0.41%), which means that the panel works well in hot climates.
  • Highly efficient cells for maximum energy productivity.
  • Patented drainage corners for optimised self-cleaning.
  • Panels with bi-facial technology for ground-mounted systems and flat roofs can improve energy efficiency by 25%.
  • Anti PID (potential induced degradation) -technology with proven resistance to extreme environmental factors such as salt spray, ammonia, dust and sand; as well as frost and hail-proof.

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So excited to open my power bill today. Thank you GEM Energy, my bill has more than halved, what a great investment!



This time last year my bill was just over $1,000 and this time it was a measly $128.48 and that included $124.48 solar scheme credit. Thanks everyone at GEM, you have made my life a lot easier 🙂


Gin Gin

Got first full quarter bill from Ergon today since installing a system with GEM. Previous bill was approximately $1,700 – this one $375…gotta love Solar!!!