Versatile Solar Pump Drives for

On- and Off-Grid Applications


Countries of manufacture: Italy, USA

Presence in Australia: Yes

Supplier Snapshot: ABB

ABB was founded in 1988 through a merger of ASEA (founded in 1883) of Sweden and Brown, Boveri & Cie (founded in 1891) of Switzerland.

The company has since grown into a leading global technology company in power and automation.

ABB’s products aim to improve their customers’ performance and sustainability in the utility, industry, as well as transport and infrastructure sectors.

From its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, the ABB Group of companies is operating in about 100 countries and employing about 135,000 people.

The company manufactures its products in Italy and the USA and together with Power One, which was purchased in 2014, is the second largest solar inverter manufacturer in the world.

ABB has gathered over 40 years of experience in inverter and power converter technology and offers a vast range of well-built, efficient solar products ranging from solar inverters and wind turbine converters to solar irrigation pumps.

ABB invests heavily in its Research and Development department to stay at the cutting edge of the frequency converter world. The company also offers various monitoring solutions and a global service network to give you peace of mind about your investment.

ABB is passionate about sustainability and developing high efficiency ‘green’ power solutions.

Product Snapshot: ABB Solar Irrigation Solutions

Main Features

  • Operates directly from PV cells – no grid connection required!
  • 0.37 to 45 kW/0.5 to 30 hp.
  • Automatic start/stop with solar radiation to save you money and fuel during daylight hours.
  • Built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to maximize solar panel power output and pump performance.
  • Easy installation and set-up for serial production.
  • Quiet operation, low maintenance costs and long lifetime.
  • Compatible with all pump types.
  • Good ROI (Return on Investment) compared to diesel powered pumping.
  • Compact, uniform drive module design (IP20).
  • Sensorless vector control of permanent magnet motors and induction motors.
  • Safe Torque-off STO SIL3/PL e for emergency stop cat.
  • Solar and grid compatible.

GEM Energy’s Evaluation

The ABB solar irrigation pump drives provide a great all-in-one solution that can be deployed in almost any climate in the world. The flexibility of the equipment has helped GEM Energy develop off-grid irrigation systems for high-pressure winch systems, low-pressure center pivot, trickle and other forms of irrigation.

Scores 10/10.

ABB Solar Irrigation - Downloads
Solar Irrigation
ABB ACS355 Datasheet

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