Sungrow has 15 years of experience in the inverter business and this company knows what they are doing. They offer excellent product solutions at very competitive prices.

SuppliesGrid Connected and Hybrid Solar Inverters

Manufactures in: China

Warranty: Five years; possible extension to 20 years

Presence in Australia: Yes

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Sungrow inverter solar renewable energy

Sungrow Inverter Features

  • Sleek design & user friendly interface
  • High yield with outstanding efficiencies of up to 99%
  • 24/7 Online Monitoring through the iSolarcloud App
  • Surge protection function for increased safety
  • Large range of string inverters suitable for residential, commercial and utility-scale projects.


Through our Elite Dealer partnership with Sungrow, GEM Energy can offer: 

Full 12 years product warranty

Check Out Our Sungrow Inverter Tutorial Videos!

To help and empower our valued customer, GEM Energy has produced a series of inverter tutorial videos for setting up online monitoring, restarting your inverter, we will also have a comprehensive page of error codes, the implications and how to best resolve the issue. 



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