Grid Connected and Hybrid Solar Inverters

Manufactures in: China


Five years; possible extension to 20 years

Presence in Australia: Yes

Supplier Snapshot: SunGrow Power

Sungrow Power was founded in 1997 and is one of the leading manufacturers in the global solar photovoltaic (PV) inverter market. The company manufactures solar power supply equipment for residential, commercial and utility-scale PV projects all around the globe.

After 15 years of experience in the inverter market, Sungrow offers a large product range including grid-connected PV inverters, distributed power supplies and energy storage systems.

Over 30% of Sungrow’s 1500 staff globally are R&D (Research & Development) engineers ensuring the company’s place at the cutting edge of technology as well as at the top of the global inverter market.

Sungrow is Asia Pacific’s largest inverter manufacturer with 40% market share in China, and the only publicly listed inverter company.

In 2013, Sungrow was the second-largest PV inverter manufacturer in the world by MW shipped, with over 14 GW installed globally in a range of residential, commercial and utility-scale projects.

The company is committed to design and manufacture more innovative, efficient and cost-effective products to enrich the renewable energy market and support the transition towards a more sustainable society.

All Sungrow products are certified to international standards with the company having won several awards, including an “A” grade rating in the prestigious Photon Lab tests.

The company has nine office locations around the world including in Australia, giving you access to local product and warranty support.

SunGrow Inverters

SunGrow Grid-connected Inverters

Main features

  • Large range of string inverters suitable for residential, commercial and utility-scale projects.
  • High yield with outstanding efficiencies of up to 99%.
  • Up to three MPPT’s (Maximum Power Point Tracking – this is a digital charge control function which ensures that you get the most power possible from your solar panels at any point in time, particularly effective during low light level conditions).
  • Wifi tracking for system performance.
  • Compatible with all common monitoring systems.
  • Surge protection function for increased safety.

GEM Energy’s Evaluation

Sungrow is one of only two Chinese inverter manufacturers that we like to put our name to. Sungrow has 15 years of experience in the inverter business and this company knows what they are doing. They offer excellent product solutions at very competitive prices.

SunGrow Hybrid Inverters

Main features of Sungrow’s Hybrid Inverter range:

  • Handy and light, easy to handle without lift machinery assistance, lowering the cost of installation and maintenance.
  • EMS Integrated, multiple-target can be optimized.
  • Integrated DC combine and surge protection function, lower the system cost.
  • DC switch, safe and convenient for maintenance.
  • Dual MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which is a digital charge control function which ensures that you get the most power possible from your solar panels at any point in time, particularly during low light level conditions.
  • Efficiency at 98.0%.
  • Battery to grid efficiency at 95.0%.
  • Also offering grid-connected inverters.

GEM Energy’s Evaluation

The SunGrow hybrid inverter offers a great peak shaving unit but cannot be used for off-grid applications. It pairs with the LG Chem Lithium battery and offers great value for money. Designed for peak shaving as opposed to off-grid.

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