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solar edge

Solar Inverters for Grid-connected and Hybrid systems

Solar Power Optimizers

Monitoring Platform


Countries of manufacture: 

Israel, Mexico, Hungary, China

Presence in Australia: Yes


25 years for power optimizers, 12 years for inverters which can be extended up to 25 years

Chosen as partners of Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage!

Supplier Snapshot: SolarEdge

Founded in 2006, SolarEdge Technologies is headquartered in Israel and has offices in ten other countries around the world including Australia. Today SolarEdge is undoubtedly the global leader in the DC power optimizer market and is traded on the NASDAQ.

The company has invented a ground-breaking type of module-level electronics for solar photovoltaic (PV) harvesting and monitoring systems for all shapes and sizes of solar installations, from residential to commercial and utility-scale plants.

SolarEdge’s stand-out product solution is their optimized inverter system which maximizes and improves power output at each individual PV panel.

Together with SolarEdge’s cloud-based monitoring platform, the performance of your solar system is trackable with ease.

Since beginning commercial distribution in 2010, over 2.5 GW of SolarEdge products have been installed in solar PV arrays in over 90 countries around the world.

The company has won several awards for its innovative products, including an SPP (Solar Power Portal) Award in 2015 and the Solar Industry Award in 2014.

Manufacturing mainly takes place through a partnership with Flextronics, a global electronics manufacturing services provider. Another exciting partnership was announced in late 2015 when SolarEdge products became compatible with the Tesla Powerwall battery system.

SolarEdge offers impressive warranties and excellent customer support through its Australian office.

A little bit about the SolarEdge Power Optimizer Inverter System.

The SolarEdge Micro Inverter Systems, more accurately known as Power Optimizer Inverter Systems, work in a different way to conventional ‘string’ Inverters like ABB and SMA.

String Inverters usually have two different strings of panels which are all connected like in the image below. In a series configuration, the panels are connected before going to a centralized Inverter. This Inverter will process the performance of the panels as an average as they are grouped together.

The grouping means that any panels which are performing less than they should be – due to unknown panel defects, shading or cloud cover – will reduce the performance of all the other panels connected in that string. Most 5kW systems have two strings of ten panels, so losing performance on one panel will reduce the performance of the other nine panels in that string. This is similar to the ‘domino effect’ – you knock one down, and they all go.


SolarEdge's Power Optimiser Inverter Systems


A SolarEdge system works differently to this – the video on top of the page explains it very well. In a nutshell, the SolarEdge allows each panel to work independently, so when one panel loses output due to a fault or shading, it will only cut that panel out while the remaining panels will continue to operate at 100% efficiency. SolarEdge claims that you can get up to 25% more power output through their power optimisers over conventional string systems.

SolarEdge inverters are simple in design because they only need to convert electricity from DC to AC, with all the power optimization done at module-level.


SolarEdge's Power Optimiser Inverter System

Grid-Connected Inverters: for Residential and small Commercial Projects.

Product Snapshot

  • Industry-leading, standard twelve-year warranty on inverter.
  • 25-year warranty on optimizer on back of panel.
  • Optimal roof utilization through constraint-free design.
  • Allows for each panel to operate independently.
  • Module-level MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), a digital charge control function which ensures that you get maximum power out of your solar panels at any point in time, particularly effective during low light level conditions.
  • Exceptional safety features through the guaranteed automatic DC shutdown; for installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters as well as you and your building.
  • SolarEdge claims up to 25% more performance than a standard string inverter.
  • Zero export solution available for customers who have been knocked back from connecting to the grid.
  • Standard WIFI monitoring for computers, iPhone and Android phones.

GEM Energy’s Evaluation

SolarEdge products have truly been ground-breaking. They are very reliable and can make a huge difference in energy output, especially in smaller arrays where the performance of each panel is worth a higher percentage.

GEM Energy has received an increase in demand for the SolarEdge system simply down to their safety features. They can be synced to the fire control panel of the building and any triggers on the fire control panel will automatically shut down the system, transforming it from high voltage DC power to low voltage DC power.

Scores 10/10.

Hybrid Inverters: for Grid-connected Projects with Battery backup.

Product Snapshot

  • Excellent efficiencies of at least 97%.
  • Specifically designed to work with power optimizers.
  • Outstanding reliability with standard twelve-year warranty (can be extended to 20 or 25 years).
  • Small, lightweight and easy to install.
  • Large temperature and voltage operating range to harvest more energy (early mornings and late afternoons) so you can maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Easy monitoring of your system’s performance via the internet.
  • Supporting PV and battery management as part of the StorEdge solution.
  • Outdoor and indoor installation (IP65 / NEMA 3R).

GEM Energy’s Evaluation

Chosen as a partner for Tesla Powerwall battery storage units, SolarEdge offers amazing reliability and proven performance which helps generate more power and higher battery charging capacity. Designed for peak shaving as opposed to off-grid.

Scores 10/10.



The SolarEdge Solar PV Monitoring Portal

Product Snapshot

  • Module-level, string-level and system-wide PV monitoring.
  • Web-based monitoring portal is accessible via any browser, tablet or smartphone.
  • Module monitoring allows for more accurate monitoring, fault detection, automatic alerts and troubleshooting, therefore minimizing system downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Tracks technical and financial performance.
  • Supports most inverters when connected to SolarEdge power optimizers.

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