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Solar Panel Systems Installed in Regional Queensland

Queensland (QLD) is the 2nd largest and third-most populous state in Australia. Queensland consists 10 of Australia’s 30 largest cities such as Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney Cairns & Gold Coast and also is the country’s 3rd largest economy. The opportunities in terms of business and marketing perspective is very high and significant here compare to other prominent parts of the country. Talking about the possibilities and restrictions of solar panels in Queensland, we shall come across a distinctive assessment about the uses of the same.

In Australia there are many solar power businesses, some of which are very efficient and dignified in terms of customer satisfaction. They give yearlong promotional offers to increase their sales, as well as Australian government rebates that encourages the use of solar panels to help save people money.

GEM Energy Australia is one of the country’s premium solar power installation companies. Since its foundation GEM Energy Australia has installed numerous solar systems on homes, schools and commercial buildings etc. GEM Energy Australia is dedicated to serving Australians living in a world of expensive power prices by ensuring superior solar power systems at reasonable prices.

Its countrywide team of passionate, expert solar installers and reputable brands are the foundation of its success. GEM Energy Australia is completely 100% Australian owned and only sources products which have been certified and proven in Australia’s harsh environmental conditions. With proficiency in both grid connect and stand-alone power, GEM Energy Australia is able to deliver flexible clean energy solutions to fit almost all requirements.

Our Solar Power Grants in Queensland:

GEM Energy Australia comes up with a range of offers and lucrative promotions for the people of Queensland, New South Wales and all of Australia including $0 deposit and interest free repayment options. We can also offer lease options for off-grid and commercial solar systems.

Currently GEM Energy Australia offers two limited period products (Shown below) for its customers; both are good enough to thwart other companies’ product. If you can take a look in the product line then you will end up in the land of contentment!

What We Offers:

GEM Energy Australia gives highly commended service, industry best knowledge and very high installation standards with only the finest products in the industry. Our products and services include:

    Q-Cells solar panels
    Phono solar panels
    Inverters (SMA, Aurora, ABB, Fronius, SolaX, SunGrow)
    Finance options for long term payments
    Residential solar panels for small and large users.
    Residential, Commercial and off-grid system solar panels.
    25 years’ service guarantee facility
    0% upfront deposit scheme.
    Solar referral rebate system.

So it’s our commitment to make solar panels simple for you! Just call our Brisbane sales team now to book your order to install your solar panel anywhere in Queensland (QLD).

Quality & Affordability Assurance

Despite the well-known customer service, GEM Energy Australia’s strongest selling points as a company, is the ability of being able to bring you the best quality components at prices with which every average Australian can afford easily. We strictly use Tier 1 quality components because if something ever goes wrong we want to know you have us to fall back on and we have the manufacturer to fall back on.

GEM Energy Australia Queensland Solar Guarantee

GEM Energy Australia simply offers affordable prices and the best equipment installed by our well-trained and qualified solar professionals. However, for any kind of discrepancies, however unlikely, GEM Energy Australia assures its product and service for 25 years to protect your investment without any hassles.


Check out some of our regional solar power installs in Clermont, Ilfracombe, Longreach, Blackall, Barcaldine, Isisford, Bluff, Springsure & other areas.

5kW Power-One Aurora - Installed in Ilfracombe QLD 6kW Phono Solar Panels Installed in Blackwater QLD Power-One Aurora 5kW Installed in Blackwater QLD 5kW Aurora Installed in Blackwater QLD 6kW Q.Cells QPRO G3 Solar Panels Installed in Blackwater 6kW Phono Solar System - Installed in Emerald QLD 6kW Phono Solar Panels - Installed in Mayfair, Emerald 6kW Q.Cells QPRO G3 - Clermont - 6kW Phono Solar System Blackall - 6kW Phono Solar installed in Bluff - 6kW Phono Solar - Bluff Array 2 - 6kW Phono Solar - Bluff Array 1 - 6kW Phono Solar - Bluff - 5kW Power-One Aurora installed in Emerald -