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Quantum Energy Technologies are an Australian company that has been producing heat pumps for almost 30 years, with the origins of the technology reaching back to 1975 when extensive research work was undertaken by the University of Melbourne in the development of heat pump technology for the production of hot water.

Quantum Energy Technologies have a worldwide patent on their innovative hot water heater technology, which allows tanks to work in temperatures as low as minus 10°C without any backup element or assistance.

Quantum Energy Technologies offer solar power systems, heat pump hot water heaters, pool heaters as well as commercial and industrial building heaters for residential and commercial applications in Australia. The company has a large portfolio of commercial installations including large international hotels, Olympic venues, caravan parks, swimming pools and apartment buildings.

With over 30 years of on-going product development of a proven technology, Quantum Energy Technologies provide reliable products with excellent warranties of up to five years on its tanks.

Product Snapshot

Main Features: Quantum hot water heater systems

  • Quantum Energy Technologies has been selling heat pumps for over 30 years, offering extensive experience and the highest efficiency.
  • Depending on which water heater is currently installed in your house, replacing it with a Quantum system can save up to 75% of the current energy cost.
  • The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the efficiency.
  • On average the efficiency figures are 95% for gas, 100% for electric and around 350% for a heat pump.
  • Easy to install: A domestic hot water heater pump is installed the same way as an electric system. There are no panels on the roof that can incur additional installation cost or storm damage.
  • Can operate in many different climates: Quantum Energy Technologies heat pumps can operate in warm climates, cold climates (down to -10ºC temperature), during the day (with or without sun) and night.
  • Most other heat pumps come equipped with an electric booster element that takes over when the ambient temperature drops below 10ºC.
  • Quiet operation – Australia’s quietest heat pump hot water heater.
  • Low running costs: Quantum heat pump has the lowest running cost, often lower than solar hot water systems (and with the advantage of running without sun), and much lower than LPG and Electric.
  • A system is usually designed to suit the application based on information provided by the building owner or developer.
  • In-house developed software calculates peak loads, daily hot water usage, any heat losses associated with ring-mains systems, and will estimate the correct system for the job.
  • Software also calculates reduction in energy usage, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and payback period.

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