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Presence in Australia: Yes

Supplier Snapshot: Kubota Generators

Kubota was founded in 1890 in Osaka, Japan by the young Gonshiro Kubota. Starting out as a metal casting business, Kubota began producing oil-based engines for agriculture and industrial applications in 1922.

Over the years the company began to manufacture construction equipment, excavators, tractors and other farm equipment.

Today Kubota is still one of the leading manufacturers of compact engines in the world, dedicated to researching advanced technologies, fuel efficiency, durability.

With a business, service and manufacturing network that spans the globe, Kubota has become a highly successful multi-national company with over 140 dealers in Australia. Kubota is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of agricultural, power and construction equipment.

Kubota Generators For Your Off-Grid Power Backup

Main Features: Kubota Backup Generator

  • Large range to suit your backup generator needs.
  • Sturdy design and construction.
  • Low harmonic distortion providing stable, clean power to keep your appliances happier for longer.
  • Fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • Easy maintenance and transportation.
  • Single- and three-phase engines.
  • Safety features: double circuit protectors, protective cover and automatic shutdown system.
  • Large fuel tanks for longer operation per tank of fuel.
  • Quiet operation.

GEM Energy’s Evaluation

Kubota generators are excellent machines – reliable, durable and efficient. Definitely our go-to diesel generators!

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