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Residential Finance Options

GEM Energy offers an excellent range of loans and repayment plans.

At GEM Energy we understand that people who need solar the most, are often the ones unable to afford it.

That is why we offer a few alternative ways of purchasing a solar system for customers who are not able to find thousands of dollars in upfront capital.

GEM Energy offers a “Pay As You Save” repayment plan, as well as two options for 48-months interest-free repayment terms, starting from as little as $22 per week.

Our 5kW systems are available from just $40 per week, all without any upfront costs.


The Residential Loan and Own Agreement

  • Fast and simple approval process.
  • Interest rates from 9.95% for a 7 year term.
  • 2-7 year loan terms available.
  • Fixed monthly repayments.
  • No deposit, low establishment fee.
  • Available for Solar PV, Battery Storage and Solar Hot Water Systems.
  • Australian-based call center to assist you with any queries.


$0 Upfront – No Interest Ever – with GEM Energy and Brighte Finance


Are you sick of rising power costs and want to do something about it but don’t have thousands of dollars in the bank to pay for solar power? With GEM Energy and our finance partner, Brighte Finance, you don’t have to! We will come and install a premium quality solar system with no out of pocket expenses. With payment plans ranging from 12-60 months, you pay NO INTEREST EVER.

Go solar today and save up to $500 per quarter on your power bills!


Our systems start FROM ONLY $22 PER WEEK and absolutely NO UPFRONT COSTS!


Get our 5kW Package with:5kw-x-19-system-finance-options-1


  • 19 panels – 25 Year Warranty
  • 5kW Inverter – 10 Year Warranty
  • Fully Installed
  • From $40 per week


Solar power has never and will never be more affordable. And with power bills expected to rise by $560 a year if electricity networks get their way, now is the time to act.



Why wait, save with solar today with interest free finance!*

Finance your new solar purchase with the Once Agile Visa card and pay no interest* for the promotional period.

To apply you must be:

  • 18 Years of age or over at the time of application;
  • Employed and earning more than $30,000 gross per year;
  • A permanent Australian resident;
  • Not a discharged bankrupt or currently bankrupt; and
  • Not currently in default or have outstanding Writs or Summons
  • Have a current email address and mobile phone

Get approved now before you buy! Simply:

  1. Apply online for an amount to cover your quote.
  2. Receive the decision via email & sms quickly.
  3. Set up your account using the easy pin process.
  4. We will then be in contact to complete the final step.


View the Key Facts Sheet before you apply.

*Credit approved applicants only; fees, terms and conditions apply including a $99 Annual Fee charged on the account open date and subsequently on the anniversary of the account open date. Up to 55 days Interest Free is available on all Once Agile card purchases (excluding cash withdrawals), when you pay, by the payment due date, the amount identified in your statement as the ‘optional repayment to qualify for up to 55 days Interest Free on purchases’. 6 months Interest Free is available on all Once Agile card purchases of $250 or more made in one transaction. Interest is payable on any balance outstanding after the Interest Free term. Credit provided by Once Credit Pty Limited ABN 99 112 319 632, Australian Credit Licence number 386194 (Once). Once® is a trademark of Once. Once is a subsidiary of FlexiGroup Limited.


Pay As You Save Solar

GEM Energy has created the innovative Pay As You Save repayment plan to enable more people to put solar systems on their roofs.

This award-winning way for purchasing solar aims to match the weekly repayments for your solar system with the weekly savings on your power bill.

GEM Energy offers 100% finance, so no upfront payments are necessary. Interest rates are as little as 6.12%, so there are no nasty hidden surprises. We also have other ‘No Interest Ever’ repayment options, but because of the shorter term and higher repayments, it may not always work with the Pay As You Save scheme.

The beauty of the Pay As You Save scheme is that it is fully tailored to your usage. We will not try to sell you a system too big or too small because the finances would not stack up.

Let’s assume you have a bill of around $600 per quarter. You can expect to save around $40 per week if you are a typical family with a stay-at-home husband or wife, kids and higher electricity usage on weekends.

However, if you use all of your power in the evenings and nothing during the day, then even with a $600 bill a 5kW solar system will not make sense for you because you would simply be exporting power back to the grid at a low value.

What does all this mean?

If you are spending $36 per week to save $40 per week, you are in front. Instead of putting the $36 per week into the hands of your power company, you are simply putting it into your other hand and paying off a solar system with $4 change each week.


At the end of the repayment plan, the money that you have used to pay for your solar system is money that would have gone to your power company regardless. Once the repayments have stopped you own your system outright and you are still saving that $40 per week which is over $2000 per year AND you have added value to your home.

With no deposit necessary, there is absolutely no better way of going solar. If there is, we would love to hear it.

Any Questions?

We are here to help.

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What our customers say about us

The installation was efficient and we were kept informed every step of the way. Gayle Harper

Mt Isa

This time last year my bill was just over $1,000 and this time it was a measly $128.48 and that included $124.48 solar scheme credit. Thanks everyone at GEM, you have made my life a lot easier 🙂 Margi

Gin Gin

Great honest company I would recommend to anyone. Bob Greaves


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