Supplies: Solar Charge Controller

Manufactures in: Brisbane, Australia.

Warranty: Fully comprehensive two-year warranty.

Supplier Snapshot: AERL

Founded in 1985 in Brisbane, AERL (Australian Energy Research Laboratories Pty Ltd) designs, manufactures and distributes highly reliable and efficient specialized power electronic controllers for use in Solar, Micro Hydro, Micro Wind and Cathodic Protection applications.

AERL’s founder Stuart Watkinson was a true pioneer of solar energy technologies, launching the world’s first Solar Charge Controller with inbuilt Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for use in photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems.

Today AERL offers over 40 different models of high-performance power electronic controllers for use in multiple renewable energy power applications such as Solar Battery Charging and Solar Water Pumping.

AERL’s dedicated team of engineers, technical designers, manufacturing specialists and industry professionals together with significant investments into Research & Development (R&D) secure the company’s place at the cutting edge of technology. After 25 years of trading, AERL’s MPPT Solar Regulators alone have now totaled an astonishing 750 million field operating hours and supplied a huge 12 Megawatts of power (installed capacity) to customers worldwide.

This amount of renewable energy power offsets an incredible 35,000 tons of CO2 per year, making AERL a significant contributor to the global cause of sustainability as well as a globally recognized innovator in the Clean Tech industry. Still based in Brisbane, Australia, AERL maintains its reputation as a world leader in producing extremely efficient and reliable products to the Global Renewable Energy market.

Product Snapshot – Coolmax MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Main features:

  • Established Reputation.
  • Australian designed and manufactured with local service and support at hand.
  • World record efficiencies of up to 99% make our product the most efficient MPPT Solar Charge Controller in the world.
  • Increase your solar harvest by up to 35% due to MPPT Solar regulators.
  • Onboard data logging with twelve months of daily statistics available.
  • Remote monitoring capability via CAN bus or Modbus interface options.
  • Local performance monitoring through onboard LCD digital meter module.
  • Easy set-up and system configuration through front panel programmability.
  • Available in wall and rack mount options.
  • Smart multi-stage battery charging profile.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Onboard support for active temperature compensation.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Voltage has fully adjustable output for custom-sized packs – float voltage selectable in 1 V increments.
  • Available in a range of voltages to suit most applications.
  • Load control option.
  • Compatible with all kinds of Solar Panels and batteries.
  • Robust and Reliable due to a special coating, seals, and gold-plated switches, especially important in harsh environments.
  • Rated for ambient temperatures from -20 to 50°C.
  • Latest switch controller design results in low RFI and EMI emissions.
  • C-tick compliant.
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Easy servicing with plug-in control module for simple servicing should a fault develop.
  • Full customer technical support and service.
  • Fully comprehensive two-year warranty.



GEM Energy’s Evaluation

The AERL DC chargers are of amazing quality. This solar charger controller has won multiple national awards for its efficiency and we have seen the product’s outstanding performance and quality first hand. The LCD touch screen interface is industry leading, making it easy to check on the energy production.

And they are made right here in Australia, so just like with all of our other Australian brands if service or warranty work needs to be done, it is only a phone call away. Scores 10/10.

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Solar installers are a dime a dozen these days, but proper energy engineering contractors like yourselves are few and far between.

Toby Murdoch

Electrical Engineer, Ashburner Francis Consulting Engineers

I would recommend GEM Energy to anyone looking for a Solar PV provider.

Cameron Dean

Gin Gin & Dry

The work was completed in conjunction with our business needs and everyone from GEM Energy involved with the installation was professional, competent and courteous to the YMCA staff and our patrons.

Phil Sellwood

CEO, Bundaberg YMCA

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