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News and views from GEM Energy's wonderful world of solar.

Why Solar Power?

With fossil fuels running low and a growing awareness of climate change in the public eye, it’s become increasingly obvious we need to find a better, cleaner source of power. In the last ten years, solar power technology has advanced to become a viable alternative to...

PCYC QLD To Go Solar With GEM Energy

Solar to power PCYC QLD into the future GEM Energy is pleased to announced we have been engaged by Police-Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) Queensland to deliver a multi-site commercial solar project across a number of their branches in Queensland. Connecting...

POWERWELLS UPDATE 1: Getting busy in Bali

PowerWells Update 1: Community Consultation Trip Powered By GEM Energy Getting busy in Bali For the first leg of their community consultation trip, PowerWells co-founders Brad and Nick have set up their base of operations in Denpasar and travelled around...

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