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SolarEdge Power Optimizer



The SolarEdge Micro Inverter Systems or more accurately known as Power Optimizer Inverter Systems work in a different way to conventional ‘string’ Inverters like ABB and SMA.

String Inverters will generally have 2 different strings of panels which are all connected together like the image below. In a series configuration the panels are connected together before going to a centralized Inverter. This Inverter will process the performance of the panels as an average as they are grouped together. This means that any panels performing less than they should be due to unknown panel defects, shading or cloud cover will reduce the performance of all the other panels connected in that string. Generally a 5kW system will have 2 strings of 10 panels so losing performance on 1 panel will reduce the performance of the other 9 panels in that string. This is similar to the ‘domino effect’ where you knock one down and they all go.


String Inverter






A SolarEdge system works differently to this and you can understand better how they work by watching the video at the top of this page.  In a nutshell the SolarEdge allows each panel to work independently to each other so when one panel loses output due to a fault or shading it will only cut that panel out and the remaining panels will continue to operate at 100% efficiency. SolarEdge claims that you can get up to 25% more production out of their power optimizers over conventional string systems.

Immediate benefits include:

  • Standard WIFI monitoring for computers, iPhone and Android phones. See demo here.
  • Standard industry leading 12 year warranty on inverter.
  • 25 year warranty on optimiser on back of panel.
  • Allows for each panel to operate independently
  • SolarEdge claims up to 15% more performance than a standard string inverter
  • Zero export solution available for those people that have been knocked back from connecting to the grid.

SolarEdge Solar System












You can download Information Sheets here:

SolarEdge P300 Optimizer Data Sheet
SolarEdge Three Phase Data Sheet
SolarEdge Single Phase Data Sheet
SolarEdge Warranty

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