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Solar Power Systems

The greenhouse gases are affecting our planet day by day. Emissions from conventional power generation sources are one of the major causes of polluting the environment.

In this drastic situation, Solar Energy is evolving as a revolutionary source of power generation being environment friendly and economical at the same time.

Grid Connect Solar Power Systems
Solar systems that absorb the sun’s energy to produce electricity to give clean power to homes, groups and organizations, and help reduce worldwide carbon emissions.

Solar power system modules produce power from daylight, which can be fed into the main power supply of a building or sold to the power supply network. Lessening the requirement for fossil fuel, the grid connect solar power systems around the globe are helping create jobs, empowering families and organizations, improving profit and cutting greenhouse outflows.

Off grid Solar Power Systems
Off grid solar power systems, which don’t tie into the power matrix, run on a blend of solar panels, batteries, wind and sometimes a reinforcement generator running on gas, petrol or diesel.

Off grid solar power systems are costly for the most part because of the expense of batteries. However with correct system sizing and the integration of a fuel efficient generator initial capital expense can be reduced.

Different Types Of Solar Power Systems

Commercial Solar System Investments
Before investing in any of solar system do make sure to check your cost effectiveness. Depending upon your particular need and area, there are various components that influence cost viability for your business, including:

Solar Power System Size
Bigger solar power system can cost less money per watt than little solar panels due to economies of scale.

  • Installation Complexity
    More complex installations including mounting the system on ground mounts, working around deterrents, for example, funnels and HVAC gear, and building-coordinated custom establishments can be more extravagant in price.
  • Solar System Production
    Installing your system at the correct orientation and pitch will ensure that are you getting the best possible results. Overall system production will also depend on the location of the installation.
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
    In contrast with other power generation methods, operation and maintenance expenses of solar powered systems are generally low. Expenses may incorporate infrequent cleaning of solar power modules, customary visual examinations and repair, and conceivable substitution of inverter or different components.

Medium Scale Solar System
Medium scale solar can possibly give various benefits in connection to both individuals and the nation as a whole.

Potential benefits from medium scale solar power systems

    • An essential point would be to aid in meeting renewable energy targets. Australia is trying to source 20% of its power from renewable energy sources by 2020. These are driven targets, and failure to meet them will have financial implications.
    •  Medium-scale solar system can possibly add to the security and dependability of a country’s power supply, with the exception of the issue of voltage regulation. It can for instance support the demand on the network during the middle of the day. It will also secure the cost of power.
    • Investment into other medium scale solar power projects will also help boost the industry and provide thousands of jobs.

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