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Solar Power – Northern Territory

Solar Power in the Northern Territory makes more sense than it does anywhere else in Australia and Gem Energy Australia can help you take advantage of this with absolutely no upfront costs and affordable weekly repayments.

Why is solar so good in the NT?

  • It has the some of the highest irradiation levels in the world..  but what does that mean? Well it means that solar panels will perform better here than almost anywhere else in the world.
  • Most importantly the feed in tariff in the NT is 1 for 1. This means that every unit of electricity that you generate (known as a kilowatt hour or kWH) is fed back into the grid at the same value you pay for the power you purchase from the grid.

In all other states in Australia the rate that you get for feeding power back into the grid is between 6c or 8c per kWh. Currently in the NT the rate for power fed back into the grid is 26.88c. Let’s look at an example:

5kW system in QLD: Assuming a 5kW system produces 22kWh per day on average. If you were to feed that power back into the grid during the day you would be credited $0.06 per kWh. That would be a total of $1.32 per day credited to the electricity account. Over a 3 month (90 days) billing cycle  that would be a total of $118.8 per quarter. However, in QLD the solar system is ‘Net Metered’ which means that only the unused solar goes back to the grid after running all of the appliances so the savings are a lot higher than this.

5kW system in NT: If you were to install a 5kW Q.Cells Q.PRO G3 solar power system on your roof in the NT you would expect to produce around 25kWh per day on average. If you were to feed all of this power back into the grid you would get a credit of $6.72 per day which is a massive $604 per quarter or $2,400 per year!
CommercialThe cost of installing solar power in the NT is more expensive than other states due to metering and engineering fees, higher shipping costs and other planning approval requirements. All of these costs can add up to be thousands of dollars more than it would cost in some states and due to the environmental conditions and cyclonic conditions it is also necessary to have more components in the mounting system that means the cost of installation and bill of materials is higher.

Even with these extra expenses the higher feed back tariffs and higher irradiation levels make the savings higher in the NT than any other states.

Here is a map of the solar irradiation levels across the world.

Solar Irradiation Levels

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