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Solar Panels

There are many different types and brands of solar panels on the market in Australia. On recent information there are over 16,000 approved panels for use which probably makes purchasing a solar power system one of the most difficult purchase decisions you can make, on both a residential and commercial scale.

As almost all solar panels look the same, and make no sounds or movements it leads you to believe that they will all perform similarly which could not be further from the truth. One of the most common questions we get asked is why our 5kW solar systems are better than other 5kW solar systems available because they are both 5kW surely they make the same amount of power? This is definitely not the case. Studies conducted in America, Europe and Australia have shown in some cases a difference of over 20% in the amount of electricity each solar can panel make.

This graph below shows the difference between Q.Cells, Kyocera and Trina of which are all considered to be some of the best panels in the world. You can clearly see that Q.Cells has made over 15% more electricity than Trina and 10% more electricity than Kyocera panels in this particular government funded test conducted in Alice Springs.

Q.Cells Vs Trina Vs Kyocera


We generally use the Tier List created by Bloomberg New Energy Finance as a guide as to what solar panels should be installed. Although Q.Cells and REC have been proving themselves for a long time as 2 of the best performing modules in the world, Phono Solar and more recently Risen Energy have proven themselves as great performing panels from top quality manufacturers. Our list of credible manufacturers include:

  • Q.Cells
  • REC
  • Phono Solar
  • Risen Energy
  • DAQO
  • Sunpower
  • Suntech
  • ET Solar
  • LG
  • Trina

Other key things to look out for when purchasing solar panels includes:

  • Are the panels salt mist warranted?
  • Are they panels ammonia corrosion warranted?
  • Are the panels cyclone proof?
  • Who provide warranty for the panels and where is the warranty held?
  • How long have the manufacturers been operating?
  • What is the process for warranty replacements if you are not in business?

Many of the cheaper panels on the market are cheap for a reason. It is important to understand why they are so much cheaper than other systems on the market. There are panels available in Australia that are less than half the price of other panels available. If it seems to good to be true it probably is.

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