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Finance Options – Pay As You Save Solar

At Gem Energy we understand that the people that need solar the most are usually the ones that are unable to afford it.

Our Pay As You Save repayment plan is an innovative award winning way for purchasing solar. We aim to match your weekly repayments for your solar system with your weekly savings on your power bill.


We offer a 100% finance so no upfront payments are necessary. Interest rates are as little as 6.12% so there are no nasty hidden surprises. We also have other ‘No Interest Ever’ repayment options but the term is shorter so the repayments are higher which may no always work with the Pay As You Save scheme.

The beauty of the Pay As You Save scheme is that it is fully tailored to your usage. We won’t try to sell you a system too big or too small because the finances won’t stack up.

Assuming you have a bill of around $600 per quarter you can expect to save around $40 per week if you are a typical family with a stay at home husband or wife, kids and higher usage on the weekends.

If you use all of your power in the evenings and nothing during the day then even with a $600 bill a 5kW system will not make sense for you because you will simply be exporting power back to the grid at a low value.

What does all this mean?

If you are spending $36 per week to save $40 per week you are in front. Instead of putting the $36 per week into the hands of your power company you are simply putting it into your other hand and paying off a solar system with $4 change each week.

Pay As You Save Solar Man

At the end of the repayment plan the money that you have used to pay for your solar system is money that would have gone to your power company regardless. Once the repayments have stopped you own your system outright and you are still saving that $40 per week which is over $2000 per year AND you have added value to your home.

With no deposit necessary there is absolutely no better way of going solar. If there is, we would love to hear it.

Please ask one of our consultants if you would like to learn more about Pay As You Save to see if it can benefit you.

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