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Q.Cells Solar Panels


DKA Q.Cells Update

Q.Cells – Built to weather any storm

Q.Cells G3 Data Sheet

Q.Cells QPRO G3 BrochureQ.Cells Performance Award

Q.Cells Solar Panels have once again raised the bar for performance in Australia.

Its easy to say “our panels are better than anybody else’s”, but where’s the proof.

The Government has a test centre in Alice Springs called The Desert Knowledge Australia Initiative. They have set up a testing facility with many different types of solar panels from some of the biggest brands in the world.

Q.Cells Performance

All of the systems are identical in every aspect apart from the panels which offers a completely even playing field and we are comparing apples with apples.

The leading panel from day 1 in these tests has been Q.Cells. Q.Cells are a German company that manufacture cells in Germany and every aspect of the panel is industry leading.

German Engineering & Premium Technology. Q.Cells have established ourselves as a premium module supplier. Proud of their German heritage they strive to exceed their own high standards  of  engineering  excellence  and  leading  performance  in everything they do.

Q.Cells Key Facts

“We build our modules strong enough to survive the worst cyclones; we  fine-tune  them  with  our  Triple  Yield  Security  for  more  output after 25 years; we ensure they produce more electricity every day thanks  to  industry  leading  low-light  behaviour  and  temperature coefficient;  we  cover  salt  in  our  warranty  so  home  owners  near Australia’s beautiful beaches can feel confident in their investment; and  we  are  pioneers  of  Anti-PID  Technology,  which  prevents performance  loss  due  to  heat  and  humidity.  The  results  are  top performing modules that will turn your property into an electricity generator, saving you money without the worry of rising electricity prices, while minimising your carbon footprint at the same time.”

Having proved that they have the best performance in the country Q.Cells have taken it to the next level with durability and strength.

“We always go to the extreme to prove the safety and reliability of our  modules.  In  2012  we  commissioned  the  renowned  Cyclone Testing  Station  at  James  Cook  University  in  QLD  to  put  our  G2 module  series  to  the  test  for  the  first  time.  The  strength  of  our modules impressed even the sternest of engineers. This time, we wanted to prove that our G3 module is at least as strong. The latest in frame technology did not disappoint – our  new 35 mm frame proved without doubt that size does not matter.

Q.Cells Cyclone

Instead it turns out that our G3 modules are even stronger!Accordingly, our G3 modules are much stronger than the IEC standard requirement  when  static  pressure  is  applied  and  will  survive cyclones in category D wind regions in Australia.”

This means your Q.Cells panels have been designed to withstand 1 in a 1000 year storm.

Further to producing more electricity than any other panels and being able to withstand the worst storms imaginable Q.Cells have proven themselves to be the safest panels around.  How do they do this? Well, Hot spots are a widely known phenomenon. During the production process, solar cells can be subject to stress which can cause defects not detectable by the naked eye. Under certain conditions, such as partial shading, those defects can heat up to 250 °C.

Q.Cells Hot Spot

These extremely high temperatures within a module can cause substantial power losses and – in the worst case – even complete module destruction. As part of the Triple Yield Security Seal requirements, our engineers not only test modules under extreme climatic conditions twice and in some cases even three times, but our fully automated production processes ensure that all damaged cells and modules are removed according to our industry-leading quality control.  This means, that Q.CELLS solar cells and modules are 100 % checked for hot spots and the risk of a resulting module fire is eliminated.

What next? Well, Q.Cells back their performance, their durability and their safety with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Q.Cells offer a linear performance warranty for  25  years  of  maximum  output,  as  well  as  a  12  year  product warranty – all backed by South Korea’s Hanwha Group, a strong, reliable  parent  company  that  is  100  %  committed  to  becoming No.1 in the solar industry globally. The Hanwha Group are an $80 billion company.

Unlike most other manufacturers, our warranty covers you for salt spray, and we have our modules certified against the effects of ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulphide (HS) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). Therefore we guarantee that the power of a new module:

• does not vary by more than 3 % from the nominal power during the first year

• and still achieves at least 83 % of the nominal power after 25 years.

• decreases by no more than 0.6 % per year from the second year.

Q.Cells Warranty

The most important thing about Q.Cells is that they are proven. There is no pulling statistics out of thin air and no guessing. It is hard evidence that they outperform all of the top brands in the Desert Knowledge test centre. They have proven themselves to be the most durable panels on the market and they have some of the strongest warranties around which are most importantly backed by one of the largest companies in the world making Q.Cells your best choice – if you have the budget for them.





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