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At Gem Energy Australia we back our highly acclaimed service, industry knowledge and very high installation standards with only the best products in the industry.

There are over 13,000 panels in circulation and hundreds if not thousands of different types of inverters. Every panel that is supplied in Australia has a 25 year guarantee and most inverters will have a minimum of 5 years. It may sound reassuring to have such strong guarantees but the warranties are rarely worth the paper they are written on.

All of the equipment we use is manufactured by fortune 500 manufacturers who are all multi-billion dollar organisations with a brick and mortar presence in Australia. Using only Tier 1 products with a manufacturer presence in the Australian markets ensures that replacing equipment is very easy and most importantly, fast.

Whilst this is great we believe that installing the right equipment the first time around creates less hassle for everybody. In fact, we have not had to replace a single component on any of our systems in the last 12 months which is why we are able to offer such competitive pricing.

Please take a look through our products to familiarise yourself with the equipment we use.

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