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Phono Solar Panels

Phono Solar

Phono Solar Panels – Data Sheet

Phono Solar offers Gem Energy Australia the perfect combination of good value and high quality. Phono Solar has been officially recognised as a Tier 1 panel by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance corporation which is the highest standard achievable.

Although Q.Cells has been our flagship solar panel for the last 3 years the Phono panel is quickly catching up and in Q3 of 2013 we actually installed more Phono panels than Q.Cells. Phono are a Tier 1 panel that offer in our opinion the best value for money of any solar power panel in Australia. In a study conducted in desert in California Phono outperformed the majority of other Tier 1 manufacturers.

Phono Solar

The original reason we added Phono Solar to our product mix is because we wanted to offer a good middle of the range panel that was affordable for everybody. We have been looking at adding new product to our range for at least 12 months and we just didn’t know what panel to go with. There is so much uncertainty with manufacturers and panel recalls and the solar industry as a whole so we simply did not want to put our good name to anything we didn’t 100% trust. After doing some extensive testing on Phono Solar Gem Energy realised that we were able to offer more than a middle of the range panel. Phono Solar offers a standard of panel that matches anything else in the industry.

Bloomberg recently released an update on their list of Tier 1 manufacturers and you can see that Phono are up there with the best. http://www.phonosolar.com/en/Media_News_2014_02_25_01.html

What we didn’t expect was just how well the panels would actually perform. On paper they looked fantastic, which can be said for almost every panel ever made but we just didn’t know how well it would perform in real tests. We were quite surprised to say the least. Have a read about Phono on one of our other pages here. We have also been testing a 6kW Phono system that had been damaged in a severe hailstorm in NSW and the output of the panels still remains very high. 

Q.Cells & Phono Temperature

As you can see on the image to the left the panel temperature ratings are very similar between the Phono and the Q.Cells and this is very important in Central and Northern QLD as the sun source of energy and the irradiation levels are a lot higher here.

Phono Solar is a subsidiary of Sumec/Sinomach a Fortune 500 company with 35 years business history. The group of companies are involved in the manufacture of a diverse range of products including ship building, engineering and agricultural machinery.

This broad manufacturing portfolio differentiates Phono Solar Panels from the majority panel manufacturers whom are completely dedicated to the manufacture of solar panels and are subjected to the ups and downs of the international solar market.

Phono Solar products are supplied by Phono Technologies Switzerland, a partner of the largest photovoltaic projects in the Europe with over 30 years of experience and turnovers exceeding $2 billion. Phono Solar Key Facts

Phono Technologies Switzerland employs a team of experienced wind, solar and hydro energy experts who are involved in the research, development and product design of Phono Solar products, to guarantee the best-quality products at excellent prices.

The Phono Solar Panels reviews have been very good and the brand has become synonymous with high performing, top quality photovoltaic panels and specializes in PV technology innovation, application and system development.

Phono Solar panels have been installed in countries all over the world, including the USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc.

Whilst the panels are manufactured in China, the manufacturing process is fully automated and the technology used is fully European. When looking at the panels under a microscope it is remarkable just how well the panels are manufactured and it even rivals that of the Q.Cells for build quality.


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