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Pay As You Save – Commercial Solar

A dollar saved is a dollar made.

Our Pay As You Save solar plan for commercial customers is designed so that you only use the savings you make on your power bill to pay for the lease repayments on the solar system.

We use a variety of finance solutions and terms to ensure that it works out this way.

If you are a business that uses most of your power during the day then this PAYS scheme may be exactly what you need to improve the sustainability of your business.


Commercial Solar Investment


Choosing to invest with GEM Energy is a decision that takes very little thought, we are simply asking you to allocate part of the capital you are already spending with your power company. The only difference being that we are providing you with your own power station for the future.

In many cases, you will not only just Pay As You Save but you may come out with extra cash in your pocket. How? Because it’s simply cheaper to produce your own energy than it is to buy from the grid.

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