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Our Philosophy

Do it once and do it right. Problems aren’t good for anybody.

The Australian market has been absolutely flooded with knock off products and very poor quality components.There are even fake solar panels or replica solar panels on the market and the home owners have no idea.

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After our legendary customer service, our strongest selling points as a company are the ability of being able to bring you the best quality components at prices that the average Australian can afford.

All of the equipment we use is from some of the largest manufacturers in the world which means that the chances of you being able to claim on your warranty if you ever need to are far higher than they would be going for a small manufacturing company that have been operating for 18 months.

In the rare event that something does go wrong we will have a local electrician on site within 48 hours to remedy the problem where possible. For manufacturing defects Gem Energy Australia will arrange for the changeover of any products at no cost to our customers.

Doing things right the first time and only using good equipment remedies this problem before it even becomes one.

Making sure the foundations of business are right ensures that we are a sustainable company and will be around for years to come.