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Off-Grid & Hybrid

There is no doubt that the future of Solar in Australia lies in producing your own energy during the day and storing enough power in your own battery systems to off-set your night time usage without having to take much if anything from the grid.

There are multiple options with batteries including:

  • Hybrid Solar – Interfacing a solar power and battery system with the utility grid. This is usually the most popular and affordable option and will include systems that have the ability to work when the grid is down known as backup systems as well as systems that will not work when the grid is down. Having backup in power outages is a great option but is a luxury and it will cost. You can expect to pay 30% more for this option. Brands that will provide backup storage include Selectronic, SMA, Schneider and of course Tesla. The most popular brand that provides storage for peak hours and through the night but will not work when the grid goes down is SolaX.
  • Off-Grid Solar – This is a popular option for rural applications or new builds where no power options are available. The best system for this application is unquestionably the Selectronic SP-PRO which is an Australian made Inverter/Battery Charger that sets the pace even for German and Austrian manufacturers like SMA and Fronius.
  • Peak Shaving – This is a commercial application that is designed to reduce the peak demand charges on a large commercial power bill. This type of system will also allow the building to stay operational in times when the power network is down. These systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – potentially millions but are designed for very large users.

To understand more about off-grid solar visit http://www.gemenergy.com.au/off-grid-solar-systems.

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