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For domestic installations we stick to only a handful of inverters.

Our primary go to inverter for any situation is the ABB Aurora and our secondary is the Sunny Boy SMA. Both inverters hold the top 2 spots in the world for grid connected inverters and its only personal opinion that separates them. Finally, we are happy to use SunGrow and SolaX which are the only inverters manufactured in China that we will put our name too.

The reason we prefer the ABB Aurora is because in our opinion it offers better value. It is around $400 cheaper than the Sunny Boy SMA and offers near identical performance and reliability. The only thing it doesn’t offer is the Bluetooth connectivity where the SMA does.

Whatever inverter you choose you can be sure that your money is going towards a safe investment.

In the last 12 months we have only replaced less than 5 inverters giving us less than 0.5% failure rate. They offer unmatched performance and reliability.