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A Future-proof Investment

Future-proofing your investment

With solar and renewable technologies are still at the tip of the iceberg in Australia. Other nations are more advanced and it is only a matter of time before Australia catches up. Having staff that have worked in the European and American solar industry we understand this and all of our systems are built accordingly. One solution that will soon be viable that Gem Energy already have extensive experience with will be large-scale battery storage systems. Large battery systems will use either cheaper off-peak grid power or solar power to charge and the stored energy will then be used to effectively ‘peak shave’. Peak shaving is still not well known in Australia and is extremely important as it flattens out the power consumption profile of the businesses and can be used to reduce the expensive demand charges that occur when power consumption peaks as per the Energy Consumption graph with the black circle above.

Financially this is already extremely viable with current technologies but the required battery technology is still not at the right point in Australia for us to add it to our product mix. In overseas markets like Japan, America and Germany the government subsidise the investment into battery storage by up to 50% which massively increased demand which has rapidly improved battery technology in recent years.

In Australia we are mainly limited to Gel or Led-Acid battery storage units which are fine for slow cycling like being discharged over the full night but the technology required for this type of fast and hard draw has to be Lithium Ion. As there is no demand for Lithium Ion in Australia at this time the costs are still just a little too high. The other main benefit of Lithium Ion batteries over Gel or Led-Acid technologies is the footprint required for the installation. As conventional battery technologies can only be discharged to 40-50% of their total capacity in order for them to last long enough to yield a good return you need a lot more room than you would a Lithium Ion bank which can be discharged to 90% and still last 20 years whereas the conventional batteries would only typically last 5-7 years used in a scenario like this.

All of our systems are compatible with this new Lithium technology.